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Purchasing Equipment FAQ

» Can I come by IFS to pick up my equipment?
Yes, after we have contacted you to let you know that your order is complete and in our warehouse. If you are purchasing used, as-is equipment and you are going to pick it up, please call ahead of time to make sure that the equipment is ready to go.

» Do you have a showroom?
Absolutely. Along with our in-house showroom, complete with equipment samples, used equipment, lockers and accessories, we have many facilities throughout the Atlanta Metro area that showcase complete lines of the equipment we sell. Please see our facility showcase for some examples, or call us for a tour.

» Do you keep equipment in stock for me to pick up?
Yes, we have a number of used pieces, floor models and accessories. If you are looking for something specific, please call so we can make sure it's available and set a time for you to pick it up.

» What kind of trade-in value can I expect to get on my equipment, and who determines it?
We will do our best to give you the highest value on any trade-in. Factors that affect the amount you will receive include:

  • The age of the equipment.
  • The condition of the equipment (pads, frame, cables, belts, pulleys, motor, cleanliness, etc.).
  • The manufacturer of the equipment.
  • Your current preventative maintenance program.
  • The color of the equipment (Some equipment colors, such as white frames and black pads, aren’t difficult to resell; purple frames with pink pads will be more challenging).

» What kind of warranties does your equipment carry?

Generally, each type of equipment has a different warranty depending on the type of equipment, make, model and manufacturer.

  • Wear items, such as pads, grips, cables, belts, etc. have a 1-year warranty
  • Electrical components have a 2-5 year warranty
  • Frames are normally warranted for 10 years to lifetime.
  • Please see the product documentation for specific warranty information