The outstanding feature of the TrakBar Pro-X is the ability of the handles to travel along the
length of the bar during the exercise. The distance between the handles automatically
adjusts to track perfectly with the natural movements of the user’s shoulders and arms.
With 3 axes of rotation, the TrakHandle Sport enjoys many of the same advantages of the TrakHandle Pro,
enabling unrestricted movement through multiple planes of motion during any exercise. Its patent pending design combines strong, lightweight materials with ingenious engineering to create a durable handle with advanced functionality that is economic and weighs less than a pound.

Like the TrakRow, the TrakBar 24 and TrakBar 42 incorporate two TrakHandle™ Pros
for advanced functionality. The TrakBar 24 is adjustable to 12″, 18″, and 24″ spreads, which allows users of all sizes to target a wide range of muscle groups from a variety of angles.

24 “The most significant advancement in resistance training in years”
With 7 axes of rotation the TrakBar Pro-X provides unrestricted mobility. Perform an unlimited range of exercises in succession without the need to change attachments. Imagine never changing cable attachments again. Permanently affix the Pro-X to a Lat cable tower and perform a wider range of exercises than with any number of traditional attachments. Suspend the TrakBar Pro-X from an overhead support to create the most versatile pull up station available. Transition between any type of pull up without releasing your grip. Perform perfectly fluid single arm pull ups and endless variations of symmetrical and asymmetrical body weight exercises.




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“Innovative Fitness did such a wonderful job with our cardio suite, that we asked Chris Conti and his staff to come back and upgrade our weight machines.”

Robyn Siani, Metropolis Condominiums Fitness Committee Member

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