Technogym Fitness Dual Adjustable Pulley - Functional Trainer

Technogym Fitness Dual Adjustable Pulley

The DUAL ADJUSTABLE PULLEY FITNESS offers an all-around training corner, combining strength exercises with core stability for a complete workout.

An all-encompassing fitness corner

Get closer: begin with one pulley at a time. Engage single muscles or small groups, working on strength. Arms and shoulders first, but also legs thanks to the optional strap accessories.
Now let’s use both: the obvious choice is the standing chest press, which you can try with different angles and while activating your stabilizers. But there’s much more than that: squats and lunges to begin with, and also combinations of upper and lower body exercises. With the DUAL ADJUSTABLE PULLEY FITNESS, you can develop flexibility, functionality, and balance while breaking the routine.

Easy, precise adjustments

Both pulleys can be set at different levels with ease, so you can engage your body in different ways with laser-focused precision.

Pull up handles

The Fitness Dual Adjustable Pulley offers also a convenient handle for suspension bodyweight exercises to engage the back, shoulders, arms and core.


Length (mm | in)

1670 | 66
Width (mm | in)

1310 | 52
Height (mm | in)

2324 | 91
Standard weight stack

2×25 kg | 2×50 lbs
Plus weight stack

2x45kg | 2×90 lbs
Machine weight

313 kg | 690 lbs


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“Innovative Fitness did such a wonderful job with our cardio suite, that we asked Chris Conti and his staff to come back and upgrade our weight machines.”

Robyn Siani, Metropolis Condominiums Fitness Committee Member

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