The MYOKORE Trainer

MYOKORE Gravity Trainer

MYOKORE® Gravity Trainer Includes:

2x MYOKORE Suspension Straps

2x Carabiners

2x Universal Mounts

Carry Bag

Extended 3 Year Warranty

The Body & Bungee Trainer is Mathematically Proven to give you the most Optimal Workout during Strength Building, Toning, and Stretching for Injury Prevention by combining Bungee & Resistance Movements with Suspended Body Weight Training

EXPLANATION: ALL People tire more quickly from suspended body weight training, and when this happens, people reduce their “lean angle.”  This lowers the Force Required (FR) to lift the body, which results in an easier exercise.  To maintain the highest caloric burn when the muscles tire, it is important to integrate Bungee Training for constant loading on the muscles to keep them further engaged.

Padded X Foot/Elbow Cradle, cushioned grip, high quality fixed webbing straps, and numbered v-rings for easy adjustment.


“Engineered for your Lifestyle”

MYOKORE Trainer is the newest lightweight, portable suspension trainer that is versatile, compact, affordable, and effective for people to maximize their workouts.

The MYOKORE Advantage:

  • Our Dual Mount Setup allows the user to alternate between wide, standard, and close grip exercises; which lends to a greater number of available exercises such as pull-ups, dips, and muscle-ups.
  • Our Foot Cradles are designed to act as both foot and elbow holds, which allow you to do many more suspended lower and upper body exercises than the standard body weight trainers.
  • Our Quality and Safety requirements guarantee the most well made and safe product built from climbing rated carabiners, welded metal hardware, and seatbelt quality webbing.

The Body & Bungee Trainer is the only portable equipment that combines bungee and core suspension training in a 4-5 lb. travel bag.  It reproduces the same exercise results obtained through large gym equipment.  MYOKORE is the only portable travel workout device that allows users to perform circa 100+ exercises ranging from beginners to experts at all fitness levels. It has obtained the designation “Utility Patent Pending” from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).



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“Innovative Fitness did such a wonderful job with our cardio suite, that we asked Chris Conti and his staff to come back and upgrade our weight machines.”

Robyn Siani, Metropolis Condominiums Fitness Committee Member

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