Hercules Foam Tire

Hercules Foam Tire

Like traditional rubber tires, the Hercules Foam Tires can be used in a variety of ways with the added benefit of a compact design, doesn’t make a mess, even more training possibilities, and made of foam to prevent injury. Exercises that can be performed include deadlifts, farmers walk, sled push/pull, tire flips, step-ups, box jumps, and so much more!

This soft tire is made with dense foam that’s durable enough to take a beating. Multiple handles are stitched along the sides and top of the foam tire which allows for a variety of grips and exercises. With a little creativity, the training possibilities are endless!

The Hercules Foam Tire is available in three sizes, each with its own unique color for easy identification:

– Green: 40 KG / 88 LB; 34” diameter, 11” thickness
– Blue: 60 KG / 132 LB; 40” diameter, 12” thickness
– Red: 80 KG / 176 LB; 47” diameter, 14” thickness


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