TRUE Fitness FUSE XL Selectorized Strength Fitness Equipment


A modern and comprehensive strength conditioning series designed to meet the space and performance demands of today’s fitness facilities. The user-friendly features and performance will appeal to a wide variety of users.

User Amenities

  • 4 bar linkage seat adjustments with gas cylinder assist
  • QR code linked to online instructional video
  • Full color step-by step exercise chart
  • Unique height adjustment guides
  • Accessory tray with integrated cup and towel holders
  • FUSE-0100 | Leg Extension
  • FUSE-0200 | Seated Leg Curl
  • FUSE-0300 | Leg Press
  • FUSE-0400 | Inner/Outer Thigh
  • FUSE-0600 | Biceps Curl
  • FUSE-0700 | Shoulder Press
  • FUSE-0800 | Deltoid Lateral Raise
  • FUSE-0900 | Chest Press
  • FUSE-1000 | Pec Fly/Rear Delt
  • FUSE-1100 | Lat Pulldown
  • FUSE-1200 | Seated Row
  • FUSE-1300 | Leg Extension
  • FUSE-1400 | Abdominal
  • FUSE-1500 | Triceps Pushdown
  • FUSE-1700 | Rotary Torso
  • FUSE-1800 | Horizontal Leg Curl
  • FUSE-4000 | Weight Assisted Chin/Dip

FUSE Adder Weight available in 5lb, and 7.5lb.





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“Innovative Fitness did such a wonderful job with our cardio suite, that we asked Chris Conti and his staff to come back and upgrade our weight machines.”

Robyn Siani, Metropolis Condominiums Fitness Committee Member

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