Freedom Climber

Freedom Climber is an innovative rotating climbing wall that provides all the benefits of climbing in a safe environment. The system is non-motorized. It is the climber’s weight and the action of climbing that causes the rotation. The speed can be adjusted and the rotation is both directions. The space saving design allows for continuous climbing in spaces never imaged capable of supporting the activity of climbing.

About Climbing on the Freedom Climber.

When you climb on the Freedom Climber the rotating climbing surface challenges you even more than traditional climbing. Every muscle eventually contributes toward the effort. Your fingers grab and your forearms pull, your core tightens as you seek to stabilize yourself on the ever changing surface. Your eyes look for the next available hold. Your mind calculates where you should be to maintain a steady speed and stay up with the rotation. Your feet find a position on holds below you that support the upward push of your legs as you extend yourself upward. The rotation brings you back down and you seek the next set of moves that will keep you engaged in continuous climbing.

Does the Freedom Climber require electricity?
No, the Freedom Climber does not require electricity to operate. However, if the optional digital display is chosen, it requires a 110 volt power supply.

How does the Freedom Climber work?
It is the action of climbing and the climber’s weight that causes the circular surface to rotate. The rotational speed is controlled by a patented mechanism that allows climbing on either side and the speed to be adjusted from slow to fast.

What maintenance is required?
The Freedom Climber is virtually maintenance free. The climbing surface may need wiped down on occasion and the climbing holds checked for tightness.


There is a reason we lower the mattress in a crib.

And there is a reason why the low hanging limbs of a playground tree are rubbed smooth.

But as we move on from the playground, we seem to leave climbing behind.

We know our whole body is exercised when we climb.

Climbing is arguably the best exercise we can do.

But climbing seems out of reach for most of us.

You either need to go to a climbing gym or go outdoors where climbing formations exist.

Decision makers for fitness facilities understand the benefits of offering climbing but are faced with the risks and costs associated with climbing.

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