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» Do you provide maintenance/service on any type of equipment?
We will service most commercial fitness equipment. Manufactures that we service equipment for include, but not limited to, Nautilus, Paramount, Hoist, Precor, Startrac, True Fitness, Landice, Cybex, Trotter and Diamond Back Fitness. We will, however, look at any piece of equipment that is covered by your preventative maintenance agreement. We do not repair residential equipment.

» How do I know what kind of Preventative Maintenance program I need?
Our service and sales professionals can provide you with a good recommendation on the number of visits and the pieces you will want to have covered in your preventative maintenance agreement. Generally speaking:

  • Light use facilities, such as corporate centers and apartment complexes will need quarterly visits (4 visits per year).
  • Medium use facilities, such as country clubs, apartments complexes with fitness programs, busy corporate centers, and small personal training studios will need bi-monthly (every other month) visits.
  • Very busy facilities, such as large gyms, YMCA’s and Wellness Centers will need monthly visits.

» How do I know when my equipment needs to be replaced versus being repaired?
Our trained in-house service team are experts at what they do. If they see that a piece of equipment is nearing that stage, they will let you know, and take the time to show you exactly what is going on and why. You never want to put more money into a piece of equipment than what the equipment is worth and you never want to keep a piece of equipment in your facility that could potentially be hazardous to your users.

» Is there any type of Preventative Maintenance that I need to do?
Yes! We have a list of instructions that you can use in your facility that will outline what you need to do and when you need to do it. This is done in conjunction with our Preventative Maintenance, so you are able to get the most out of your equipment, the equipment will stay clean and you will get the highest trade-in value for it.

» My equipment isn’t acting the way that it used to. What should I do?
Call us or click here to fill out a service request form.

» Why would I choose IFS for my Preventative Maintenance Company?
Innovative Fitness Solutions, Inc (IFS) offers the most comprehensive preventative maintenance program in the industry. We are one of the few Preventative Maintenance Service Companies in the Atlanta area that carry not only Workman’s Compensation but also Completed Service Insurance that meets or exceeds many Manufacturers’ Liability coverage. This protects you and our work to ensure that if there ever is a problem, you are protected.

» Why would I want to get a Preventative Maintenance agreement?
Preventative maintenance is extremely important. It keeps fitness equipment in good working condition. Our clients that have preventative maintenance done at their facilities have experienced less equipment downtime, higher trade-in values on equipment, and prevention against costly emergency repairs.