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» Do you have flexible leasing programs?
The better your credit is, the more options we can offer you. Many clients opt for financing with a lower down payment and a $1 buyout at the end of the lease period. Others opt for a larger down payment and lower payments. Please contact one of our leasing professionals for specific questions.

» How does leasing/financing work?
We will work with you to develop an equipment list that will be appropriate for your facility. Once we know the amount that you need financed, we will present it to our lending resources. Upon approval, we will order your equipment.

» How much of my equipment purchase can be financed through the loan?
In many instances, 100% of the equipment can be financed by the loan. Please note that most financial organizations prefer to finance brand new equipment versus used equipment.

» What do you recommend for people with “slow” credit or a poor credit history?
We have worked with many people with less-than perfect credit. There are a few options that you have. There are resources that the state and federal government offers, such as Community Loan Funds and special interest loans. You may also try your local bank or credit union. Another option would be to find a partner, investor or family member whose credit, cash or collateral resources could get you a loan. If you are out of resources, you may need to work with a credit building association, consultant or group that can help you get your credit score up to a level where you can get a standard or traditional loan.

» What if I find that I can no longer afford my loan, and the business seems to be taking a turn for the worst?
You will need to work with your specific creditor. They will guide you through the steps to try to get you solvent. In some cases, they will take ownership of the equipment and resell it. You will be responsible for the remaining balance after the equipment is sold.