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Intenza Escalate 550Ce2 Stairclimber Receives Red Dot Award for Product Design

Cologne, Germany, 11 April, 2018-- Premium fitness equipment brand Intenza Fitness announced today that the Escalate 550Ce2 Stairclimber has been awarded The Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018.

An international product design and communication design prize, The Red Dot Design Award is bestowed annually upon the best products, with prizes awarded in the categories of product design, design agencies, and design concepts. In 2018, designers and manufacturers from 59 countries submitted more than 6,300 objects to the competition. With judging criteria that includes innovation, functionality, quality, ergonomics and durability, the Red Dot panel of experts award the internationally recognised seal of quality only to products that exemplify exceptional design.

Setting a new standard, the Escalate 550 Ce2 redefines the stairclimber product category through its Smart StepHeight™ value proposition by offering the broadest range of users from fitness enthusiasts, who recognise the value in being able to regulate step height intensity to active agers, to beginners or those engaging in post-surgery progressive exercise, a spectrum of 20 different step heights 4” through 7.7”.

Blending their heritage of high-quality design with smart solutions, Intenza has earned its reputation as an industry pioneer, and leader, by offering the finest high-end cardio equipment. Combining technological innovation with aesthetic design, world class customer service with energy efficient manufacturing Intenza is the epitome of design excellence.

FUSE XL Series Completed

Introducing the FUSE-0800, FUSE-1700 and FUSE-1800

TRUE is proud to introduce the FUSE-0800 Deltoid Raise, FUSE-1700 Rotary Torso and FUSE-1800 Horizontal Leg Curl as the final pieces that complete the TRUE Paramount Series FUSE XL strength line.


The FUSE-0800 Deltoid Raise has independently-operating dual press arms that allow users to train unilaterally or bilaterally. Seat and chest pads are angled 5 degrees for proper ergonomics and support.

The FUSE-1700 Rotary Torso features a low-seated frame for easy user access as well as a cushioned seat to make training comfortable too. Users rotate at the lumbar spine while engaging hip flexors and upper back muscles simultaneously.

The FUSE-1800 Horizontal Leg Curl is designed with ergonomics in mind. a 15-degree angle between the chest and thigh pads reduce lower back stress while the handles have contoured grips to provide more support during exercise.

The NEW TRUE Fitness Envision touch screen now available.

TRUE’s Envision 16” LCD touchscreen console provides users an interface with a contemporary design and intuitive framework.

True Envision 16 Console Touchscreen Brochure

True Envision 16 Console Touchscreen_Page_1

TRUE Workout: Cardio Burn on TRUE’s C400 Elliptical

Feel the burn! Resistance training is an important part of any workout, as it keeps the body challenged and promotes calorie burns.

Exercise Goals

This workout has a variety of intensity to keep the body guessing and creating an oxygen deficit that keeps the body burning calories after the workout is over. These types of workouts are great for fat loss without muscle wasting that can come with certain steady state cardio sessions. The C400 elliptical puts resistance on both the upper and lower body to leave you sweaty and feeling the burn.

Tips Before the Workout

Because of the intervals, this cardio workout is not one you want to complete on an empty stomach. Having some fast digesting carbs about an hour before the cardio session will make sure you can go hard throughout the 30 minutes.

This workout would also be appropriate to do after a lifting session as well. If the intensity is too much at certain times, you can always decrease it a little if your energy levels are depleted from lifting.

Proper Forms To Remember For This Workout

Make sure you are using all four limbs evenly so you aren’t pushing with just your arms or just your legs. Your chest should stay tall and shoulders relaxed and not stiff. Your knees should stay over your ankles as it will allow you to better use your gluten and hamstrings more instead of putting your knees at risk; don’t let them go inward with every stride. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Learn More


The Taiwan Excellence Award is bestowed upon only the most outstanding products offering innovative value. CONGRATULATIONS INTENZA!

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TRUE Fitness Product Update

TRUE is excited to announce the new FUSE-0400 Inner/Outer Thigh Machine as a space and cost-efficient addition to the FUSE-XL Strength line, serving a dual function to exercise both adductor and abductor muscles. The leg pads transition easily to switch movements.

The FUSE-0400 Inner/Outer Thigh Machine is the 13th piece in the FUSE XL Strength Line, a modern and comprehensive 16-piece strength conditioning system designed to meet the space, budget, and performance demands of today’s commercial fitness facilities. The FUSE XL Strength Line is a part of the TRUE Paramount Series.

Pads on the FUSE-0400 Inner and Outer Thigh machine are contoured for comfort while 15 adjustment position points allow for a wide range of starting positions to accommodate any user.

Like the rest of the FUSE-XL line, these machines showcase step-by-step exercise charts with easy-to-follow user instructions and a QR code on the machines to link to an online video for additional instruction visualization.

Also available is the FUSE-4000 Weight Assisted Chin-Dip. The multi-grip chin bar assembly offers a variety of handle choices and pivoting dip bars to accommodate a wide range of users. The foot platform also easily retracts for bodyweight exercises.



Prooduct Update - Transcend 16 Touchscreen Console























This console now has a High-Flow Cooling Fan, providing an increased air flow to users during their workout.


Today Fitness On Demand™ announced plans to unveil its latest virtual fitness platform at the International Health Racquet and Sports Association (IHRSA) trade show on March 9th in Los Angeles, exposing some of the biggest advancements in virtual fitness technology.

The latest improvements to the platform include the addition of mobile apps for iOS and Android and a makeover of the GROUP™ delivery product designed for commercial operators.

GROUP™ by FOD™–a product designed for studios and small group functional training zones–instantaneously injects hundreds of premium fitness classes into otherwise moderately utilized spaces, providing access to the world’s most renowned programming and recognized content authors on-demand or at designated times scheduled by the facility. Classes broadcast wirelessly on any large format video display enabling facilities to increase class frequency, format, and quality.

Unlike other virtual fitness platforms aimed at commercial operators, FOD’s GROUP™ platform is the only delivery product that engages users inside and outside of the facility.