Kennesaw Tree Decorating Contest

During this holiday season, Innovative Fitness had the chance to participate in a tree decorating contest hosted by Kennesaw Parks & Recreation. When deciding on a theme for our tree, there was no doubt that it had to be fitness related—introducing our “FITMAS” tree! We had such a good time coming up with the idea, putting it together, and seeing the final product. Voting was open to the public, and Innovative Fitness won most CREATIVE! We cannot wait to participate again next year.


7 Ways to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions in 2021

If your plan is to make 2021 the year you follow through with your resolutions; but you need a strategy to hold yourself accountable and ultimately accomplish your goals, then this list is for you!


  1. Write it down.

Writing down goals helps create a vision in your mind of the future. When you visualize the future and understand what you are trying to achieve, the goal will motivate you. Make sure when writing down goals they are written in a positive manner.

  1. Make it fun.

Make your goals inspiring and exciting to accomplish. When you reach a goal or milestone, reward yourself with prizes to keep it fun and motivating! Enjoy where the success can take you.

  1. Make it New Week’s, not New Year’s Resolutions.

Setting goals for the entire year can seem appealing, but can also be overwhelming. Try a new approach of weekly commitments and you will be more likely to attain your goals.

  1. Get an accountability partner(s).

Having a buddy that encourages you is extremely powerful and inspiring. You do not want to let your partner down, so you will work harder and be more committed to keep going.

  1. Set goals that align with your everyday life.

Goals are great to have, but are often left unaccomplished because life gets in the way. A great way to make sure this doesn’t happen, is by incorporating goals into your daily routine.

  1. Make small changes.

Resolutions and goals are great, but if made too broad, it is likely you will become intimidated and avoid them. Start small and work your way up.

  1. Create a vision board.

Collect images and words representing your desired goals and build a collage. Display your vision board somewhere you will see it every day!


They are a great company who offer great & quick service. Tammy in the office is always so helpful and friendly.
Lauren Beach, Hawthorne at Kennesaw
5 star review

“Innovative Fitness is the only place you need to look.”

I made a big investment and turned my basement into a gym. Innovative Fitness is the only place you need to look. Huge selection, tremendous people with high integrity and they are world class when it comes to professionalism! Matt came to my home measured, then sent me a professional drawing. He was very knowledgeable and patient. Excellent service and follow up. Installation team were incredible, fast, friendly, professional install and left the place spotless. Melissa has also been outstanding managing the whole process. There was a gentleman who managed the install (I forget his name) but another true professional. This team cares, and it shows!

David Hult, Residential Customer

Home Gym

Resistance Bands For Stretching And More

There are so many benefits to using resistance bands to help you workout. As we mentioned before, stretching is essential for your muscles. You can use resistance bands to help you with your stretching! Resistance bands use constant tension to stimulate muscle growth, without putting a strain on your joints the way heavyweights can. The good thing about resistance bands is that you can store them anywhere. You can leave them in your gym bag, a drawer at home, hang them up, whatever you would like. Resistance bands are also very versatile; you can use them for actual workouts, not just stretching. Your options are limitless!

Why You Should Always Stretch

It is so easy to skip stretching before and after a good workout. But the next time you have that thought; don’t, and here is why. Stretching keeps your muscles flexible, strong, and healthy. We need our muscles to be flexible to maintain a range of motion in the joints; without it, the muscles shorten and become tight. For example, if you sit in a chair all day, this can result in tight hamstrings in the back of your thigh. This can make it harder to extend your leg or even straighten your knees, inhibiting walking. Similarly, when your muscles are tight and suddenly begin a strenuous activity that forces the muscles to be stretched, you run the risk of injuries from the sudden stretching.  Stretching will not only keep you more flexible, but also help you avoid injuries.  Happy stretching!


“I had the best experience with this company”

I have had the best experience with this company, from Christine who answered all questions and processed my quote to the awesome staff who loaded the plates into my car. There was a long wait time to get my bumpers, but they were very upfront with that with the pandemic and all. Totally not their fault. I will gladly buy more from this company to fit my home gym needs.
Very happy customer!
Best price for bumper plates, everywhere else was gouging prices and taking advantage of the pandemic.
Ninnie Wynn, Residential Customer*NEW Pair of HI-TEMP 25 LB Olympic Bumper Plates

Home Gym/Residential Customer – “equipment is fantastic and your delivery team did a great job!”

"We have our new gym up and running now and just want to thank you for all your input and help during the process. The equipment is fantastic and your delivery team did a great job putting everything together. My family is really enjoying having a great facility at home."

Dennis LoveResidential Customer

We love to hear how we are doing. Thank you, Dennis, for your kind words!

home gym

Is incline or speed better on a treadmill ?

Some people underestimate the benefits of a treadmill. They are a great way to build cardiovascular endurance, speed, and strengthen your body all at once! If you are new to using a treadmill, and unsure if you should be sprinting, running, or walking at an incline, then continue reading. Utilizing incline is a great way to increase your caloric burn and strengthen muscles. Most often, treadmills have an incline setting ranging from .5% to 15%. For reference, a 1% incline is considered the same resistance level as a flat outdoor surface. First, you want to make sure you are accurately tracking your heart rate. In general, runners should keep their heart rate between 70% and 85% for the most significant calorie-burning effects. Now that we have that covered, let’s go back to the big question: incline or speed?  Using the incline feature will intensify your workout without increasing your speed or lengthening your workout, and as an added bonus, it will not put additional stress on your joints. Ready for more good news? No sprints! Simply power walking with an incline tricks your body into operating in the most efficient and powerful mode. Try starting at a 2% or 3% incline fast-paced walk and watch your fitness goals come to fruition! Once your body has adjusted to a slight incline, start gradually increasing, and you will be impressed with the results. Always listen to your body and never overdo it.

Meet Maddie, our newest addition to our PR & Marketing Team

We are excited to welcome Maddie, our newest addition to the public relations and marketing team at Innovative Fitness! Maddie has a real passion for PR and marketing. She loves graphic design work, planning events, and being in front of the community. When Maddie is not at work, she enjoys traveling, working out, going on adventures with her dog Zona, and of course, attending any kind of event. We are excited about all the innovative marketing we are going to do as a team!