In celebration of our 20th Anniversary and in memory of our co-founder, we are pleased to announce the 1st Annual Chris Conti Memorial Grant (CCMG). Chris was known for his generosity and service work to others and his community. His legacy of giving will be carried on through the CCMG; which will be awarded each year on July 30th to a charity, foundation, or an organization in need. The creation of the memorial grant perfectly aligns with our motto for this year; “See a need, fill a need”. The inaugural recipient of the CCMG is the Goshen Valley Boys Ranch (GVBR) located in Waleska, GA. The GVBR is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing peace and purpose to boys in foster care. Get a sneak peek of the newly designed GVBR fitness center that will be completed in October 2020. Innovative Fitness spoke with Stacy Cooper, Executive Director at Goshen Valley Boys Ranch, on how this new fitness center will impact the boys and staff:

“The gym renovation will allow our boys and staff to focus on healthy outlets. For staff, this work can be taxing and sometimes leads to people not caring for themselves well. This gym will provide a convenient way for house parents and staff to maintain their personal health and wellbeing while still making a difference in the lives of our boys. For youth, this gym provides a positive outlet and allows them to develop skills such as goal setting, self-care, self-esteem, and team building. Overall, at Goshen, we believe in total wellness and this renovated space will support that mission for both those who we are serving and those who serve. We are incredibly grateful for the generosity of Innovative Fitness. We could not do this work without amazing people like them!”

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