Lifting weights and strength training can seem intimidating, but there several common benefits that you may not know are linked to a regular strength training program.

  1. It makes you stronger: That might be obvious, but it extends beyond your workouts and into your everyday life  (Carrying groceries, outside work, housework, etc.)
  2. It increases balance, stability, and flexibility: Weightlifting works joints through a full range of motion, which keeps them strong and flexible while keeping you steady on your feet.
  3. It boosts confidence: With increased strength, comes improved performance in your favorite activities. Not to mention the positive body changes that boosts self-image.
  4. It helps prevent injuries: When lifting weights properly, you strengthen connective tissue which will help you continue to operate and protect your body from injuries.
  5. It boosts your energy levels and improves your mood: When working out you release endorphins, which increases your energy levels and improves your mood.