TRUE is excited to announce the new FUSE-0400 Inner/Outer Thigh Machine as a space and cost-efficient addition to the FUSE-XL Strength line, serving a dual function to exercise both adductor and abductor muscles. The leg pads transition easily to switch movements.

The FUSE-0400 Inner/Outer Thigh Machine is the 13th piece in the FUSE XL Strength Line, a modern and comprehensive 16-piece strength conditioning system designed to meet the space, budget, and performance demands of today’s commercial fitness facilities. The FUSE XL Strength Line is a part of the TRUE Paramount Series.

Pads on the FUSE-0400 Inner and Outer Thigh machine are contoured for comfort while 15 adjustment position points allow for a wide range of starting positions to accommodate any user.

Like the rest of the FUSE-XL line, these machines showcase step-by-step exercise charts with easy-to-follow user instructions and a QR code on the machines to link to an online video for additional instruction visualization.

Also available is the FUSE-4000 Weight Assisted Chin-Dip. The multi-grip chin bar assembly offers a variety of handle choices and pivoting dip bars to accommodate a wide range of users. The foot platform also easily retracts for bodyweight exercises.