August 29, 2016

Intenza Fitness’ ‘Escalate’ 550 Series Climber is the world’s first-ever adjustable step-height climber. The revolutionary Smart StepHeight Technology allows users to choose between 20 unique step-height variations and provide the ideal climbing solution for all wide range of users, no matter their fitness level. The variation in incline, speed, and exercise settings allow for a training and exercise experience that is more versatile than any other climber has been able to offer.

Researchers say that with each individual step a climbers life is prolonged by 4 seconds. Compared to jogging, climbing burns times the calories. Let’s start counting those stairs for a longer and healthier life. Whether you are a professional athlete or a self-starter fitness fan, the ‘Escalate’550 Series Climber make it possible to build up the user’s lower body strength and power from minimum to maximum, training intensity from low to high regardless of weather conditions.

It is no wonder that the Intenza ‘Escalate’ 550 Series Climber immediately earned two awards following its initial launch. The climber is a Plus X Award winner in the categories of Innovation, High Quality, Functionality. The Intenza ‘Escalate’ also took home the highest accolade from Plus X Award as Best Product of the Year 2016/ 2017. Plus X Award is the world’s largest award panel as they work with international and independent committee of judges from 25 industries, 23 strategic partners and more than 600 participating international brands. Plus X Award are given for innovation in technology, sports and lifestyle. The committee’s aim is to offer manufacturers, retailers and consumers a reliable indicator of quality to support their purchasing decisions. The Plus X Award was given for the 13th time in 2016.

“After working on/with stairclimbers for over 10 years I began to notice how restrictive they were. Such an effective piece of equipment that only a top tier exerciser was able to benefit from. We set out to open up the benefits of the stair climber to a much wider range of users. Innovation has always been at the core of the Intenza brand and I wanted to create something unlike anything else that had been seen in the industry, something that addressed the gap I had noticed long ago, fitness should be accessible to all and the last thing fitness should be is limiting. From that innovation the ‘Escalate’ 550 Series Adjustable Step Height Climber was born, the first of its kind! With this product we hope to inspire not just others in our industry but also the end user.” says Mark Chang president of Intenza Fitness.

Intenza Fitness is a new comer to the cardio equipment industry having launched their line equipment in 2012. However; the eye-catching design and continuous efforts toward not just innovation but also energy efficient products has brought them brand three awards already. We look forward to the future of Intenza and all that is to come!